LUNCH/DINNER (11am – 9pm)


**All items cooked in fryer are not guaranteed gluten free.

Taco de Asada grilled Niman Ranch beef, salsa roja, onions, cilantro 4.25

Taco al Pastor spit-roasted Niman ranch pork, adobo marinade, avocado salsa 4.00

Taco de Lengua Niman Ranch beef tongue, tomatillo salsa 4.15

Taco de Pescado battered & fried pollock, chile arbol aioli, shredded cabbage, cilantro 4.15

Taco de Pollo crispy taco, shredded chicken, cheese, cucumber-tomato salsa, cilantro 3.95

*Taco Vegetariano pinto beans, queso mixto, avocado salsa, tomatoes, onions, rajas, cilantro 3.85

Torta al Pastor Mexican sandwich with pork, grilled onions, avocado, pinto beans, on grilled bolillo 9.00

*Torta Vegetariana Mexican sandwich with black beans, grilled rajas, tomatoes, avocado, cheese 8.50

Quesadilla de Pollo  two griddle corn tortillas filled with queso mixto and shredded chicken.  Topped with mole amarillo and cilantro. 7.95

*Tostada  Grilled  corn and zucchini tostada with queso fresco, toy box tomatoes, pickled red onions in a citrus and chilevinaigrette on top of a fried tortilla with black beans.  6.75

Tamal shredded pork tamal with mole negro, steamed in corn husks 7.00

*Mushroom & Queso Tamal    a tamal filled with king trumpet and crimini mushrooms epazote, garlic, and queso mixto.  Topped with a salsa verde, crema and epazote 7.00

*Chile Relleno  a battered and fried poblano chile filled with queso mixto, goat cheese, asparagus, peas, scallions, marjoram and parsley.  Served over a tomatoe salsa, and topped with crema, cilantro and served with tortillas.  8.75

*Frijoles con Todo pinto beans in broth with tomatoes, onions, chile, avocado, queso Oaxaca, side of tortillas (can be made vegan upon request) 7.85

Sopa de Tortilla chile infused chicken broth, shredded chicken, cheese, avocado, fried tortilla strips 8.75

*Ensalada de Primavera mixed greens, shredded cabbage, carrots, red onions, avocado, lemon vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds 8.55 full/4.55 half                                        (add beef $2.25, chicken or pork $2.00)

*Guacamole & Chips avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, chile, lime 9.00

*Chips & Salsa cucumber-tomato salsa and tomatillo salsa, tortilla chips 2.75

Sope de Chorizo y Papas crispy masa cake, black beans, Mexican sausage, potatoes, crema, queso cotija, pickled vegetables 6.25  (add an egg for $2.00)

Wild Shrimp Cevice  poached shrimp in a red chile sauce with tomato, onion, cucumber, avocado, and cilantro. Served with house-made tortilla chips.  9.85

Enchiladas shredded chicken or  beef with cheese, rolled in tortillas, topped with guajillo-tomatillo sauce, crema 9.00


BREAKFAST (Monday – Friday: 10am – 12 noon / Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 3pm)

Chorizo & Eggs scrambled eggs, Mexican sausage, black beans, tortillas 9.50

*Huevos Divorciados two eggs, tomatillo salsa, salsa roja, black beans, tortillas (can substitute fried tofu for egg) 9.50/ Tofu 8.75

Chilaquiles sautéed tortillas in guajillo chile sauce, scrambled eggs, onions, cheese, crema, cilantro 9.50

Torta de Jamon Mexican breakfast sandwich with thinly sliced ham, a fried egg, cheese, grilled poblano chiles 7.75

*Revueltos Norteños scrambled eggs with nopales, scallions, tomatoes, onions, served with black beans and tortillas 9.50

Sope de Chorizo y Papas crispy masa cake, black beans, Mexican sausage, potatoes, crema, queso cotija, pickled vegetables 6.25  (add an egg for $2.00)

*Churros Mexican doughnuts with sugar and cinnamon (served all day) 6.00



Menudo chile infused beef broth with tripe and hominy 9.75



*Frijoles Negros vegetarian puréed black beans 3.15

Frijoles Pintos pinto beans mashed with chorizo 3.15

*Arroz vegetarian rice 3.15

*Corn grilled  corn with garlic butter, chile and lime 5.25

*Papas con Crema potato & cheese fritters, poblano cream sauce 5.25

*Cucumber & Jicama salted chili and lime 4.25



Cookies 1.75 each

Chocolate Cake flourless cake made with Mexican chocolate 6.25

Flan classic Mexican custard 6.25

Churros 3 Mexican doughnuts rolled in canela, sugar 6.00



Artis Coffee, Regular/Decaf 3.35 /refills 2.00

Cappuccino 4.25

Latte 4.50

Mocha 5.00

Espresso 2.85

Iced Coffee  3.75

Hot Tea   2.60

Iced Tea   2.75

Café de Olla Blue Bottle coffee sweetened with piloncillo (whole cane sugar), canela (cinnamon) 4.25

Mexican Hot Chocolate 5.00

Horchata chilled, sweetened rice drink with almond, canela 3.75

Agua Fresca fresh fruit juice, sugar, water 3.75

Limonata fresh limeade 3.75

Orange Juice  small 2.85/ large 3.85

Jarritos soda 2.85

Mineral Water 2.85

Mexican Coca-Cola 3.60

Coke/Diet Coke can 2.10

Aqua Pana bottled water 3.00


BEER  5.25

Negra Modelo


Corona/Corona Light



Lauganitas I.P.A.

Modelo Especial

Carta Blanca

Dos Equis



Michelada your choice of beer with fresh lime juice, Worcestershire, chile, on ice with a   salted rim 6.25



Sabe Blanco Margarita blanco tequila infused sake, fresh lime juice, organic sugar and a chile salted rim.

Sangria red wine, fresh citrus juices, and moscato, served on the rocks 8.75

Mimosa Hoya De Cadenas with orange juice 9.75

Regio 2012 Malbec, Eagle Rock Vineyards 8.75

Limited Lot 2012 Pinot Noir 8.25

Rare Red Blended Red California 7.75

Limited Lot 2012 Chardonnay Russian River Valley 8.75

Old Vine Estates Pinot Grigio California 8.25

Champagne Hoya De Cadenas Cava*Brut 8.75

Penya 2015 Rose 8.00